S4815 ms o hole1 450


#105 Flèche d'Or attached on a O- hole guitar model.



Serie 4815 named as the latest generation of Miller pickups, a smart power pack for all swing afficionados playing Django- and Jazz guitar. It's a very compact single coil  pickup with an outstanding shallowed design, with or without integrated volume control, sealed generator, electrically and magnetically shielded, he highlights with an elegant visual appearance and a great sound.  The black Ebonit cover prevents unnecessary damping effects. The brass casing is hand polished and will get a nice natural aged patina as all Miller products. With Metarex you bring it back to high glance.

As before the S.51 pickup, the bottom of the S.4815 series is fixed by screws with the housing to allow repairing if needed. A pickup for lifetime!  The great range of attachment options   allows to use the pickup Serie 4815 for most Django- and Jazzguitars as well. If you are using classic nickel wounded or gypsy jazz copper wounded strings as e.g. Argentine, you will find the right version! 


#115 Flèche d'Or and #116 Solo Flight in chrome finish with VC SOLD OUT


Models with volume control (VC)


NEW: the models #105 Flèche d'Or and #106 Solo Flight are now also available with a genuine mini coax connector


#105 model Flèche d' Or designed for using Argentine strings for  optimized balanced output. Here you see it with a mini coax connector (optional)






"Sir, I am very pleased with the SOLO FLIGHT and your service! The spring attachment works very well. There is a slight "old school" imbalance with upper strings but in a good, elegant way. And yes, the sound is just perfectly old school, easy to get the amplifier compressed, but not "muddy" or undefined... more clear and sophisticated".

Peter Grönberg, playing a SOLO FLIGHT with AJL 503 o-hole guitar and his original 1965 VOX AC30 topboost amp with old Telefunken preamp-tubes and NOS rectifier tube.


The thumbwheel poti at the right side is optimally integrated into the flat housing and will not impact the guitar player.


#105 Flèche d'Or attached on a Maccaferri-style D- hole guitar.

For this  guitar type  a minimum distance from the lower edge to the inner bracing of 8 mm is required for a stable rest on the soundboard




Models without volume control (VC)


#103 Flèche d'Or and #104 Solo Flight in brass finish  again available

Chrome version also available without integrated volume control, reducing weight and length. Also on demand the cable can be leaded through the bottom, e.g. for internal wiring with fixed installation with brackets (floating version).


The pickup comes with self adhesive pads in 2 sizes (0.36 und 0.8mm) to adjust the distance to the strings and Neutrik gold plated jack with 3m shielded lead. Please add your order your preferred fixation. See product infos here:



attachment options








  • casing and dimensions without VC

cover brass, bottom steel 1.4301, 90 x 30 x 7 mm

  • casing and dimensions with VC
cover brass, bottom steel 1.4301, 112 x 30 x 7 mm
  • weight without lead and jack
90 gr. without and 105 gr. with VC
  • magnet
AlNiCo bar magnet (Solo Flight) or model Argentine (Flèche d' Or)
  • coil
single coil
  • coil resistance
ca. 7.1 kΩ (Flèche d'Or) and ca. 7.3 kΩ (Solo Flight) 
  • needed string space
min. 10-11 mm 
  • volume control
integrated thumbwheel poti, 200k log. with treble bleed capacitor
  • lead
length 3 m, shielded with 6.3 mm jack gold plated