The guitar pick has also a great influence how your guitar swings. Shape, size and material affect the sound as well as your playing ( and of course the instrument and the strings). Beside the already known models #400 and #410 in Galalith with symmetrical shape, there are now some new models with asymmetrical shape available.

All models have the size of about 27.8 x 27.4 x 4 mm, in Galalith tortoise imit., bone, Ebonit (hard rubber) and plastic PPS blue and SFPJ yellow-beige. 2 different cavity shapes are available:


shape A = stepped cavity, a more smooth grip (standard)

shape B = cylindrical cavity, gives a secure grip to your fingers (optional)






 Models with asymmetrical shape 



#405 Galalith tortoise imit., cavity shape A >>SOLD OUT!!


#406 bone, cavity shape A       


#406 bone, cavity shape B 

#407 Ebonit, cavity shape A


#408 PPS blue, cavity shape A



#408 PPS blue, cavity shape A




pick SFPJ


#409 SFPJ yellow-beige, cavity shape A






Models with symmetrical shape


#400  Galalith ivoroid