# 203  Tuner in classical Selmer style look, with oval Galalith buttons and brass finish with an already aged surface. You can see also the short outside bushings to cover the gear hole.

Construction: the gear unit is hold precisely in the brass housing. Together with the baseplate, the 6 units are hold by each 2 screws to the guitars headstock. With the 8 tiny baseplate screws  and the embossed logo the tuner gets close to the vintage style of Selmer guitars.


# 232 Model in nickel finish and amber buttons.

# 218 Model in brass and ebony buttons


Buttons are fixed by screws with the wormshaft, so they can be changed or replaced. 5 different models are offered (D-shape see single parts), matching to the tail inserts. #282 amber SOLD OUT!


# 290 on the left you see the bushing in standard length 6mm. 

# 291 on the right you see the bushing shortened on customers demand, used to cover the outside hole in the headstock and gives a perfect look. Not included with the standard delivery content.

See datasheet Selmer guitar tuner



  • measure baseplate
112 x 18 x 1.25 mm
  • cogwheel distance
35 mm 
  • gear ratio
  • wormshaft 
nickeled and polished
  • cogwheel pivot
brass 6 mm
  • screws housing
brass M2.5 x 6 mm
  • screws baseplate
brass M1.6 x 4 mm
  • bushings
6 pieces, brass, D= 10 mm
  • buttons
Galalith / wood, fixed by screws M2.5 x 10 mm
  • finish
brass hand polished, also nickel plated available
  • weight

205 gr.