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News 2019-02



NEW: Serie 4815 pickups now available with a mini coax connector


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Luthiers and Shops     




AJL guitars Finland  
Jean Louis Alves de Puga France  
Craig Bumgarner USA  
Henning Doderer Germany  
Jerome Duffell Sweden  
Jean- Marc Perrin France  
Alain Mazaud France  
Gypsy Guitars Germany  
Hanno Kiehl Norway   
Stringphonic Japan  
JMC Lutherie Switzerland  
Marco La Manna Italy  
Annabelle Kiessig Germany  
Dietmar Krüger Germany  
Manuel May Germany  
Moustache Guitars Netherlands  
New Acoustic Gallery Germany  
Shelley Park Guitars Canada  
Romuald Provost France  
Francois Charle France  
Vendramini Guitars France  
Godefroy Maruejouls Luthier France  
Matthias Voigt Guitars Germany  
Jürgen Volkert Germany  
Mauro Freschi Italia  
Remo Gmünder Switzerland  
Prochazka Custom Guitars Czech Republic  
Kevin Almy England  
Rodrigo Shopis USA  
Daniel Bierdümpfl Austria  
Karsten Schnoor Germany  
Ryan Thorell USA  
ALD guitares France  
Mauro Bodio Switzerland  
Musique la Source Switzerland  
Leo Eimers Netherlands  
J.Castelluccia France  
Carl le Noir Luthier Belgium  
Guitar Shop TANTAN Japan  
Fere Scheidegger Switzerland  
Martin Tremblay Canada  
Christelle Caillot France  
Fischer Guitars Germany  
Roland Gagel Germany  
Geronimo Mateos Spain  
Polak Gypsy Guitars Israel  





....and more interesting links      


Peche a la mouche Switzerland  
Jazz Manouche Germany  
Hyun-Bin Park Germany  
Belleville Jazz Tzigane Switzerland  
Christophe Lartilleux France  
Hans- Joerg Elter Germany  
Boiling Ink Germany  
Robin Nolan Netherlands  
Django a la Creole USA / UK  
Artillerie Lourde Germany  
Festival DR Samois France  
Hot Club News Germany  
Mystery Hot Club Germany  
Triano Gyptano Germany